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Check up on your love ones

Make sure you check up on your love ones regularly.

Make sure you know that they are fine

Make sure you are there for them.

Sometimes just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean that they are alright.

Sometimes just because someone is laughing doesn’t mean that they are happy

Sometimes just because someone says that they are fine or that they are okay doesn’t mean that they are truly fine.

You might be thinking why should I bother myself? They are an adult, if they are not okay then they should just say so and I will see how I can help, why should they hide it.

It’s not about hiding it, most of the time they love you so much and feel that they shouldn’t burden you with their problems.

Most of the time they feel and think that telling you the problem wouldn’t reduce the pain, so why tell you?

Most of the time they feel that their problem is too small and that they can handle it, not knowing that they need help to be able to handle it.

Most of the time they feel that you might use their problems to hurt them cause someone else promised to help but instead laughed at them or used their problems to hurt them.

And many more reason.

So make sure that your love ones are always okay when they say that they are

Make sure that when they smile, it is a real smile and that they are not pretending to be happy.

It might be a hard task but these are our your love ones and we must try our best to make sure that they are truly happy.

So remember; Always analyze the ‘i am fine’

And ; Always check the smile.


You Have A Gift

Make this world a better place

I always say that we all have gifts

God has given each and everyone of us a gift.

You are gifted

I am gifted

We are all gifted.

How can you make this world a better place?

You can make this world a better place by knowing your gift and using it.

I believe we have three kinds of people when it comes to being gifted.Find your category in the following three and read further.

1. We have those who know their gifts and use them

2. We have those who know their gifts but do not use them

3. And we have those who do not know about their gifts.

If you are part of those that know their gifts and use them to make this world a better place then thank you.

Keep using your gift and help people, for that is the reason why God gave it to you

If you are part of those who know their gifts but do not use it. I know you might be thinking that your gift has no benefit or probably your gift is small or anything along those lines but let me tell you that’s not true. Your gift is not small because no gift is small.

God doesn’t give small things.

Take it step by step

If you know that you are good at something then do it, if you are good in writing stuff then write things and motivate people, it might be only one person that you are motivating with your words but still that’s good cause that one person is important.

If you are good in talking to people and helping them emotionally then talk to people and help them, you can start with your family and friends.

Whatever gift it is that you have, use it please cause we need it.

And if you are part of those who do not know about their gifts then try to find it, you might think that you do not have a gift.

You might tell yourself that you are not as smart as Einstein, you might tell yourself that you are not as fast as Bolt, you might say that you can’t sing like Beyonce and that might be true but I want you to know another truth which is that you certain have gift.

You do not know about it yet but you do have a gift.

So I want you to try and figure out what you are really good it. What it is that you can do without struggling a lot, something you can do which doesn’t require a lot of effort.

The more you answer these questions, the faster you will find your gift.

How to Gain confidence

Confidence is believing in yourself, believing in what you can do and not being afraid or feel envious when you see other people with talent, beauty etc

I believe that every human being should be confident, some people normally say that they are confident but in reality they are not.

When they see other people doing great they feel envious, when they see someone beautiful they feel afraid, when they see someone with talent they get angry.

Can you call this confident?

When a person is confident and they know that they are beautiful, it doesn’t matter whether the most beautiful human in the planet walks into the room, others might feel like they are lacking something and feel uncomfortable, some might even feel ugly but this confident person feels comfortable, this confident person doesn’t feel envious, this confident person is not afraid because she knows that she is beautiful, it doesn’t matter whether an angel just came from heaven and passed by, nothing can make her think that she’s ugly because she’s knows that she’s beautiful and she’s confident about it.

When a person is confident and talented another person’s talent doesn’t scare them but when a person is talented but not confident, another person’s talent might scare them.

For example a makeup artist who is talented and confident comes across another makeup artist who is also talented, there is a 99 percent chance that the make up artist will not be envious or feel any negativity towards the makeup artist he or she came across.

This is because the makeup artist is not just talented but there’s also confidence.

But if a makeup artist is talented and not confident they might be scared if they come across another talented makeup artist.

Confidence makes you happy

Confidence makes you free

Confidence makes you calm

Confidence makes you comfortable

You can’t just wake up one morning and have confidence.

You have to work for confidence because confidence is a process.


1. Believe in yourself: In order to have confidence you must believe in yourself, if you do not believe in yourself then how can you have confidence. If you believe in yourself even if you see someone who is talented as you or beautiful as you, you won’t feel envious because you believe in yourself.

2. Love yourself: The second step is for you to love yourself, loving yourself is part of confidence. You have to love yourself. If you love yourself then you feel amazing and thus your confidence will show. You have to love your body, your brain, you have to love every part of you.

3. Watch videos about confidence on YouTube.

Patience Is A Treasure

Patience is a treasure that most do not have

Patience is a treasure that most are lacking

Patience is a treasure that most people want but they do not have.

Whether you think that you want patience or not, you surely need it.

Patience makes life beautiful

Patience makes life calm

Patience makes life better.

A person who lacks patience loses a lot of stuffs and opportunities.

A person who lacks patience gets frustrated most of the time.

A person who lacks patience is mostly in hurry for things to happen

A person who lacks patience mostly doesn’t know what it means to wait for the best because they don’t have patience.

Do you know what patience means?

Patience to me means the ability to tolerate something, someone, or a situation that you do not like because you know that tolerating that situation, that someone or something is the best thing to do.

Patience can also mean tolerating that person or people, situation etc because you know that the outcome will be great.

So although you don’t like the situation, although you hate it, you still tolerate it.

Let me give you an example, an example of working out, somedays I hate working out, sometimes I don’t want to go near the gym but I try to practice patience by working out.

Although I hate working out at that moment i still do it because I know that in the end it will be worth it.

I still tolerate the situation.

These kind of situations might arise at workplaces, at schools, at home etc

When you are sick, you should practice patience. Who wants to be sick? Nobody

If you practice patience and keep in mind that whatever happens, happens for a reason then you feel calm but if you don’t have patience then you might feel angry, you will be angry at the universe, you will feel frustrated and many more, all because you lack patience.

You might have this horrible boss. I’m not saying that you should stay in a job were you are being treated like shit and you not respected but for example if staying in that horrible job for a month will change your life in the best way possible then why not tolerate your horrible job?

Even with your partner, sometimes you have to learn patience. For example you might be with someone whom you love and that person loves you too but probably he or she is going through something difficult and because of that they are not themselves, that person might not be able to show you the love and affection that he or she used to show you, some people might leave but others who have patience will stay, for they know that it is just temporary

Patience is not easy, it is hard and that is why most people don’t have it.

But don’t forget that patience is all about practice. The more you practice, the more you master the art of patience. You might fail in the beginning but don’t worry because I read somewhere that fail stands for (First Attempt In Learning), so when you fail just know that it is your first attempt in learning patience.

You Are Powerful

You are powerful

Do you know who you are?

You are a human being

You are the most powerful creation in the universe

You can do anything you put your mind into

You can be anything you want to

You are strong

You are smart

You are creative

You are amazing

You are powerful.

Look at the cars, the aero planes, the helicopters etc

Who did all of this?

It is you (a human being)

Look at buildings (burj khalifa, Taj Mahal, twin tower etc)

Who did all of this?

It is you (a human being)

Look at how the world was and how the world is now?

The beauty, the creativity and greatness.

Who did all of this?

It is you (a human being)

So never doubt yourself

Never degrade yourself

Never think your self less, for you are more.

There’s nothing you can’t do

There’s nothing you can’t be.

All you have to do is want it, think about it, make the effort and you will see it.

Probably you want to do something big but you are scared

Probably you want to do something no one in the universe has ever done but you are terrified

Probably you want to be something no one in the world has ever been but you don’t have the courage.

You are having all these negative thoughts because you think that you can’t do it, you think that it would be impossible

I am telling you that nothing is impossible for a human being

If you are a human being then know that you can get it done

It might be slow, it might be hard but you can do it.

You were born powerful

This power was given to you by God

God created you in such a way that you can do whatever you put your mind into and you can be whatever you want to.

Never doubt yourself.

Your Parents Don’t Define You.

Don’t bring the past to the present

I can’t be a good parent because my parents were full of crab

I can’t have a successful marriage because my parents were divorced

I can’t be a successful person because because my parents were not successful etc.

Let me start by telling you that you are not your parents period.

Why do you keep defining yourself based on your parents?

You are not you parents and that’s what you have to get through your skull.

Just because your dad was a drug addict does mean that you will or you should be a drug addict, that was your dad and not you.

People keep complaining and saying that they can’t be married because their marriage will certainly fail because their parents didn’t have a successful marriage.

Who told you that just because your parents didn’t have a successful marriage life then you will not have a successful marriage. If you put this in your head then know that your marriage will not last, not because of your parents but because of you.

Do you know why?

When you tell yourself that your marriage will not be successful, you always think about it and finally your brain will believe and when this happens, even if your marriage have a little problem you will feel lazy to find solutions, you will not try hard to find solutions, if you have a problem instead of going for marriage counseling you will just keep saying ‘I knew it, I knew my marriage wasn’t going to be successful because my parents marriage was also not successful’ and even if you eventually go for the counseling you will not give it your all because deep down you believe that it will not work because your parents’ didn’t work.

From now onwards never ever say that your marriage will not work just because your parents marriage didn’t.

Another thing I hate hearing is when people say that they wouldn’t be successful in life just because their parents are not successful.

What do you mean by that? Go check out the millionaires and billionaires of the world, most of them had unsuccessful parents but they did it, today they are successful, they made the effort, they spent sleepless night, they did all that they could do, they did it because of discipline, motivation, commitment and many more but importantly most importantly they believed in themselves and knew that they will be successful, it doesn’t matter whether their parents are successful or not. I want you guys to have the same mentality.

Do you know what happens when you say that you will not be successful because your parents are not successful? What happens is laziness, you give up, you lose hope and at the end of the day you feel miserable.

When you have this kind of mindset even if you see an opportunity that other people will die to have, you will sit down because you believe that you will die unsuccessful.


I want you to start saying ‘ i will be successful’, keep saying it, say it everyday until you believe it and the moment you believe it then wonders will happen. This is because now if you see an opportunity you will take it because you believe that you are going to be successful and to be successful you must put in the work.

Just because your parents didn’t treat you right doesn’t mean that you are not gonna treat your child right.

Just because your parents didn’t show you love doesn’t mean that you are not gonna show love to your children.

Just because your parents hurt you intentionally doesn’t mean that you are gonna hurt your child intentionally.

I will say it again. You are not your parents.

Despite everything your parents did to you, despite how much they hurt you, you can still be a good parent to your child, you can still be the best person in your child’s life.

Your parents don’t define you.

What your parents say about you, what they think about you, what they do to you or what they did to you doesn’t define you at all.

You are your own person so don’t let anyone define you.

Why are you spending so much time on the past?

Why are you still thinking about what happened years ago?

Why are you feeding your mind with negative thoughts?

Concentrate on your present and try to make your future better

Concentrate on your growth and stop thinking about what your parents did and what they didn’t do.

Remember: Don’t let anyone define you, not even your parents. You have to define yourself.

Love the pain

Pain is good because pain makes you strong

Pain is healthy because pain challenges you and thus prepares you for the next level

Why do we hate pain?

Why do we think that pain is negative?

Without pain you will be weak

Without pain you will be soft.

We all go through problems and issues in life, issues like sickness, death of loved ones etc

And I want you to know that these issues are inevitable, you must go through them because they are part of life and therefore so long as you are alive, you will have to come face to face with pain.

The thing about pain is that it doesn’t care who you are, it doesn’t care whether you are wealthy or poor, it doesn’t care whether you are black or white, pain doesn’t care about the difference this is because pain is fair.

After establishing the fact that pain is inevitable. I want to let you know that the thing that matters the most is how you react to the pain, you can’t avoid all pain but you can choose how you are going to react to all pain.

For example let’s say that there are twins who lost their parents, one decided that the pain was too much, she stopped going to school and the only thing she does is drink alcohol and go to parties, her family was always worried about her and now she’s fifty years old, she has lung and heart issues due to alcohol and smoking and she only has 3 years left to live.

The other sibling was also in immense pain when their parents die thirty years ago, she also cried but while crying she made a promise to herself that she will do everything to take care of her younger siblings and that she will make her parents proud, she didn’t leave school, she worked hard day and night, she read like a maniac, she strived hard and paid her younger siblings school fees, later on she opened her own salon, the salon was not going like she expected but still she didn’t give up, one day she had an accident and the doctor told her that she wouldn’t be able to walk again and do you know what she told the doctor, she told the doctor ‘ I will certainly walk again, not only that I will even be able to run and jump’ , she went to every therapy session, she strived like no one has ever strived because she knew that her savings will soon be over so she has to work and be there for her younger siblings and for her twin sister.

True to her words, after six months she was finally able to walk again. Soon everything started going smoothly, her salon was doing super great, she started investing in real estate and other stuff, soon she became a millionaire and two years later she became the youngest billionaire the world has ever seen, now she is happily married with amazing kids and helping people around the world.

Now I ask you what’s the difference between the twins?

The difference is that the first twin took the death of their parents as the end of the world while the other one took the pain as motivation and inspiration, she aspired to give her younger siblings the best, she wanted to make her parents proud and I’m sure she did, she didn’t lose hope when the doctor told her that she won’t be able to walk but instead she look at her siblings and knew that she has to walk, she had a responsibility, she has to make it and indeed she did.

So it’s for you to decide which twin you want to be.

It’s not only about death, sometimes even when working out, some stop working out when the pain gets too much, they say that they are tired and that they can’t go on while others smile through the pain because they know that after pain comes results, after pain comes happiness and after pain comes success.

We all want to be successful in life, don’t we?

But most of us won’t succeed because we are scared of pain, because we don’t like pain, because we are terrified of pain but let me tell you, we have to love the pain because without the pain we will just be where we are, the pain challenges us and takes us from are comfort zone and this makes us grow.

Don’t you wanna grow?

Don’t you wanna be strong?

Don’t wanna be successful?

Don’t you want to see the results?

The funny things is that, when you are in pain and suffering, when you are hurting then why don’t you take a step away from the pain, even if it is baby steps, just take the steps.

Let me give you a practical example, for example if there are broken glasses on the floor and mistakenly I step on them and now I am in pain, my feet is hurting so badly but I’m still standing on the broken glasses because I’m surrounded by glasses and if I walk I will be in pain but the thing is if I walk five steps forward I will finally be away from the broken glasses but I’m scared because walking will increase the pain, so should I keep standing on the broken glasses or should I walk a few steps in pain and finally be free?

Obviously as a reasonable person I will walk on the broken glasses and be finally free, the extra pain is worth me being totally free from the broken glasses but some people will keep on standing in the middle of the broken glasses and keep saying that the pain is too much

Don’t be scared of pain, love the pain.

Stop making excuses

I am so tired

I am not in the mood

I will do it later

I was too busy

I don’t have anyone to go with

I still have time

I will do it when I come back

I will do it when I wake up

Does these lines above sound familiar to you?

These are the lines that really destroy us, these are called the perfect excuse lines or we can call them the defense lines.

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To be honest they used to be my favorite, my three favorite excuses were i will do it later,I still have time and I will do it when I wake up.

I say these things when I don’t really want to do something or when I am feeling lazy, so instead of saying I don’t want to do it I just give excuses and this is why I called them the defense lines this is because the protect you from doing something you don’t want to do but don’t have the courage to say so.

For example let’s say that you have promised yourself that you will do everything in your power to be successful, you have promised that you will make the effort, you will read the books and you will strive hard etc, so on this particular day you feel lazy and you don’t wanna do all of that so instead of saying that you wouldn’t do anything today you make an excuse, the reason why you couldn’t stand and admit that you wouldn’t put in any effort today is because you are scared, you know that if you say that you will do it then your mind will attack you, your mind will tell you things like you are so lazy, you don’t really want to be successful, you are useless etc and because you don’t want to have all these battles with your mind you decided to make an excuse.

You will first of all say when I wake up I will do it, when you wake up and your mind reminds you then you will say I will do it when I come back, when you come back and your mind reminds you, you will say I still have time, when your mind reminds you again then you will say I will do it later and that later never comes. You will keep giving excuses throughout the day and night just so that you wouldn’t do it also and avoid being attacked by your mind.

Do you know what excuses mean?

Excuses means I don’t care about it that much

Excuses means I don’t want it that much

Excuses means I don’t love it that much

Excuses means I don’t really wanna me successful

Excuses means give it to someone else.

Do you know why?

Because if you want it so badly then you wouldn’t give excuses

Because if you want it so badly then you will get up, put in the work and stop giving excuses

Because if you want it so badly then you will hate excuses.

You might ask me a question and say what if I am sick that day? What if I can’t really put in the effort that day?

Let me tell you the answer, the day that you are sick or the day that something terrible happened and you can’t really put in the work then that day you will not even be sacred to say ‘today I wouldn’t do it’, do you know why? Because you know that on that day your mind will not attack you, for even your mind knows that you will give anything to put in the effort but you just can’t.

Let me give you an example, there are certain days when I am sick to the max and because of the sickness I couldn’t workout and that frustrates me so much, because I’m like I am missing out, I want to workout and I should workout but do you know what happens, my entire body including my mind tells me to rest, my mind is not attacking me because it knows that I want to but I just can’t, so instead of attacking me it tells me to rest until I feel better, it supports me.

Stop giving excuses because excuses take you nowhere.

Stop giving excuses because success was not built on excuses, success is not build on excuses and success will not be build on excuses.

Stop giving excuses because excuses only set you back.

Stop giving excuses because you will regret them later.

Stop giving excuses because empires are not build on excuses.

I know sometimes it is so hard but let’s keep our eyes on the goal, stop making excuses and success will come.

Sacrifice and you will be successful

Sacrifice is something most of us hate to do and I totally understand it because when sacrificing we either give up something we love or do something we hate and obviously no one wants that.

But the thing is we have to sacrifice

We have to sacrifice in other to be great

We have to sacrifice in other to be successful

We have to sacrifice in other to make history

We have to sacrifice in other to write our name on the sky.

Every human wants their names written on the sky, everyone wants to be successful and great but not everyone will.

Do you know why? Because not everyone is ready to sacrifice.

There are some of us who love to sleep more than anything else in the universe, we will sleep day time and night time while we keep telling ourselves that we really want to be successful, no that’s a lie because if we truly want to be successful then we will have the courage to sacrifice our sleep because we know that it is worth it, we will sacrifice our sleep and do more work and put in more effort so that tomorrow is better than today.

We put the alarm clock on and when the alarm alerts us that it’s time to get up and do something so that we can have what we want and desire then we annoyingly press the snooze button and then we talk about success.

There are some of us who love watching tv more than anything, Netflix is our best friend and because of this we can be with Netflix from morning to night without feeling tired and then we say that we want to be great, then we say that we want to change our lives like the way Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Daniel Craig etc changed their lives. Do you think they changed their lives by watching tv 24/7?

We say that we want to be successful then why is the tv still on? Why can’t we sacrifice our love for tv and concentrate more on doing that which will make us better in the future.

If you are using the tv to watch warren Buffet’s motivational video so that you can be inspired then that’s good.

If you are using the tv to watch Bill Gates success tips then great.

If you are using the tv to watch something productive which is going to help you on your path to success then that’s perfect but if you are using the tv to watch that which will not add value to you then you are wasting your time.

Some of us hate reading, we despise it, some even go to the point of saying that when they open a book they end up sleeping and I am telling you that’s not true, do you know why they sleep? They sleep because they have already put it in their mind that the moment they open a book they sleep and because of this whenever they open a book they sleep.

There’s nothing like reading, reading can help you in many ways than you can imagine, I do get the fact that some of us love reading more than others but if you don’t like reading then listen to motivational podcasts, go on Spotify or something and listen to motivational audios, listen to them when you wake up, listen to them when you are in the train, listen to them when you are in your car etc and believe me it will help you. I know you will rather listen to something else because motivational speeches seems boring to you and that is why we talk about sacrifice,sacrifice something you love to listening to and listen to that which you don’t love.

Some of us love spending hours on social media and doing things that add no value to us, if you spend some time on social media because you are trying to build your own personal brand, looking at motivational quotes and all of that then that’s good but if you are just there watching irrelevant things then you are wasting your time.

Even in eating we have to sacrifice, sacrificing our love for unhealthy food and start eating healthy foods, eating more of vegetables etc

We can spend hours on this topic but let me tell you that without sacrifice then there’s no success, every successful person today had to sacrifice something, so stop making excuses, get up, make the effort so that you can be success.

You are more than a pet

I asked God for an amazing friend

I asked God for an incredible friend

I asked God for a loyal friend

Someone who will never hurt me and God have me you.

I am really grateful for having you in my life because you are one reason why I smile every day.

To some people you are just an animal but to me you are more than that

You are my friend

You are my confidant

You are my love.

Do you know that I can’t imagine a life without you?

For real I can’t, one day my mind suddenly told me what if you die and the pain was so powerful that I had to eliminate that thought immediately.

I can remember there was this day when you got hurt, you were hurt but I was the one in pain, I was the one in tears for this is how much I love you my dear friend.

Sometimes I get mad and frustrated which leads to me not wanting to speak to anyone except you,just by looking at you and touching you I feel better.

Sometimes I am so sad but the moment you come around I feel better.

You make my bad days change to good days

You always change my frown to smile.

Do you know that you have not only captured my heart but also the heart of my family and anyone that had the chance to meet you

Thinking about me dying and leaving you here is painful because how will anyone be able to explain to you that the one whom you loved so much and the one who loved you too immensely Is no more, that you will never see, feel or touch your best friend

Thinking about you dying and leaving me here is also painful because how will life be without you?

How will I cope? Whom will I talk to?

But do you know what? I have find a way for us to meet even after death. If I die and go to heaven I will ask God to please give me my friend and I will ask him to let you live with me forever and ever.

For every wish made in heaven is answered.

But for now I will like to thank God for bringing you in my life for you are one of the greatest gifts he ever gave me