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You are more than a pet

I asked God for an amazing friend

I asked God for an incredible friend

I asked God for a loyal friend

Someone who will never hurt me and God have me you.

I am really grateful for having you in my life because you are one reason why I smile every day.

To some people you are just an animal but to me you are more than that

You are my friend

You are my confidant

You are my love.

Do you know that I can’t imagine a life without you?

For real I can’t, one day my mind suddenly told me what if you die and the pain was so powerful that I had to eliminate that thought immediately.

I can remember there was this day when you got hurt, you were hurt but I was the one in pain, I was the one in tears for this is how much I love you my dear friend.

Sometimes I get mad and frustrated which leads to me not wanting to speak to anyone except you,just by looking at you and touching you I feel better.

Sometimes I am so sad but the moment you come around I feel better.

You make my bad days change to good days

You always change my frown to smile.

Do you know that you have not only captured my heart but also the heart of my family and anyone that had the chance to meet you

Thinking about me dying and leaving you here is painful because how will anyone be able to explain to you that the one whom you loved so much and the one who loved you too immensely Is no more, that you will never see, feel or touch your best friend

Thinking about you dying and leaving me here is also painful because how will life be without you?

How will I cope? Whom will I talk to?

But do you know what? I have find a way for us to meet even after death. If I die and go to heaven I will ask God to please give me my friend and I will ask him to let you live with me forever and ever.

For every wish made in heaven is answered.

But for now I will like to thank God for bringing you in my life for you are one of the greatest gifts he ever gave me


Published by brownangel99

I'm just a normal girl who believes in the power of words.

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