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Stop making excuses

I am so tired

I am not in the mood

I will do it later

I was too busy

I don’t have anyone to go with

I still have time

I will do it when I come back

I will do it when I wake up

Does these lines above sound familiar to you?

These are the lines that really destroy us, these are called the perfect excuse lines or we can call them the defense lines.

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To be honest they used to be my favorite, my three favorite excuses were i will do it later,I still have time and I will do it when I wake up.

I say these things when I don’t really want to do something or when I am feeling lazy, so instead of saying I don’t want to do it I just give excuses and this is why I called them the defense lines this is because the protect you from doing something you don’t want to do but don’t have the courage to say so.

For example let’s say that you have promised yourself that you will do everything in your power to be successful, you have promised that you will make the effort, you will read the books and you will strive hard etc, so on this particular day you feel lazy and you don’t wanna do all of that so instead of saying that you wouldn’t do anything today you make an excuse, the reason why you couldn’t stand and admit that you wouldn’t put in any effort today is because you are scared, you know that if you say that you will do it then your mind will attack you, your mind will tell you things like you are so lazy, you don’t really want to be successful, you are useless etc and because you don’t want to have all these battles with your mind you decided to make an excuse.

You will first of all say when I wake up I will do it, when you wake up and your mind reminds you then you will say I will do it when I come back, when you come back and your mind reminds you, you will say I still have time, when your mind reminds you again then you will say I will do it later and that later never comes. You will keep giving excuses throughout the day and night just so that you wouldn’t do it also and avoid being attacked by your mind.

Do you know what excuses mean?

Excuses means I don’t care about it that much

Excuses means I don’t want it that much

Excuses means I don’t love it that much

Excuses means I don’t really wanna me successful

Excuses means give it to someone else.

Do you know why?

Because if you want it so badly then you wouldn’t give excuses

Because if you want it so badly then you will get up, put in the work and stop giving excuses

Because if you want it so badly then you will hate excuses.

You might ask me a question and say what if I am sick that day? What if I can’t really put in the effort that day?

Let me tell you the answer, the day that you are sick or the day that something terrible happened and you can’t really put in the work then that day you will not even be sacred to say ‘today I wouldn’t do it’, do you know why? Because you know that on that day your mind will not attack you, for even your mind knows that you will give anything to put in the effort but you just can’t.

Let me give you an example, there are certain days when I am sick to the max and because of the sickness I couldn’t workout and that frustrates me so much, because I’m like I am missing out, I want to workout and I should workout but do you know what happens, my entire body including my mind tells me to rest, my mind is not attacking me because it knows that I want to but I just can’t, so instead of attacking me it tells me to rest until I feel better, it supports me.

Stop giving excuses because excuses take you nowhere.

Stop giving excuses because success was not built on excuses, success is not build on excuses and success will not be build on excuses.

Stop giving excuses because excuses only set you back.

Stop giving excuses because you will regret them later.

Stop giving excuses because empires are not build on excuses.

I know sometimes it is so hard but let’s keep our eyes on the goal, stop making excuses and success will come.


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I'm just a normal girl who believes in the power of words.

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