Patience Is A Treasure

Patience is a treasure that most do not have

Patience is a treasure that most are lacking

Patience is a treasure that most people want but they do not have.

Whether you think that you want patience or not, you surely need it.

Patience makes life beautiful

Patience makes life calm

Patience makes life better.

A person who lacks patience loses a lot of stuffs and opportunities.

A person who lacks patience gets frustrated most of the time.

A person who lacks patience is mostly in hurry for things to happen

A person who lacks patience mostly doesn’t know what it means to wait for the best because they don’t have patience.

Do you know what patience means?

Patience to me means the ability to tolerate something, someone, or a situation that you do not like because you know that tolerating that situation, that someone or something is the best thing to do.

Patience can also mean tolerating that person or people, situation etc because you know that the outcome will be great.

So although you don’t like the situation, although you hate it, you still tolerate it.

Let me give you an example, an example of working out, somedays I hate working out, sometimes I don’t want to go near the gym but I try to practice patience by working out.

Although I hate working out at that moment i still do it because I know that in the end it will be worth it.

I still tolerate the situation.

These kind of situations might arise at workplaces, at schools, at home etc

When you are sick, you should practice patience. Who wants to be sick? Nobody

If you practice patience and keep in mind that whatever happens, happens for a reason then you feel calm but if you don’t have patience then you might feel angry, you will be angry at the universe, you will feel frustrated and many more, all because you lack patience.

You might have this horrible boss. I’m not saying that you should stay in a job were you are being treated like shit and you not respected but for example if staying in that horrible job for a month will change your life in the best way possible then why not tolerate your horrible job?

Even with your partner, sometimes you have to learn patience. For example you might be with someone whom you love and that person loves you too but probably he or she is going through something difficult and because of that they are not themselves, that person might not be able to show you the love and affection that he or she used to show you, some people might leave but others who have patience will stay, for they know that it is just temporary

Patience is not easy, it is hard and that is why most people don’t have it.

But don’t forget that patience is all about practice. The more you practice, the more you master the art of patience. You might fail in the beginning but don’t worry because I read somewhere that fail stands for (First Attempt In Learning), so when you fail just know that it is your first attempt in learning patience.

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