How to Gain confidence

Confidence is believing in yourself, believing in what you can do and not being afraid or feel envious when you see other people with talent, beauty etc

I believe that every human being should be confident, some people normally say that they are confident but in reality they are not.

When they see other people doing great they feel envious, when they see someone beautiful they feel afraid, when they see someone with talent they get angry.

Can you call this confident?

When a person is confident and they know that they are beautiful, it doesn’t matter whether the most beautiful human in the planet walks into the room, others might feel like they are lacking something and feel uncomfortable, some might even feel ugly but this confident person feels comfortable, this confident person doesn’t feel envious, this confident person is not afraid because she knows that she is beautiful, it doesn’t matter whether an angel just came from heaven and passed by, nothing can make her think that she’s ugly because she’s knows that she’s beautiful and she’s confident about it.

When a person is confident and talented another person’s talent doesn’t scare them but when a person is talented but not confident, another person’s talent might scare them.

For example a makeup artist who is talented and confident comes across another makeup artist who is also talented, there is a 99 percent chance that the make up artist will not be envious or feel any negativity towards the makeup artist he or she came across.

This is because the makeup artist is not just talented but there’s also confidence.

But if a makeup artist is talented and not confident they might be scared if they come across another talented makeup artist.

Confidence makes you happy

Confidence makes you free

Confidence makes you calm

Confidence makes you comfortable

You can’t just wake up one morning and have confidence.

You have to work for confidence because confidence is a process.


1. Believe in yourself: In order to have confidence you must believe in yourself, if you do not believe in yourself then how can you have confidence. If you believe in yourself even if you see someone who is talented as you or beautiful as you, you won’t feel envious because you believe in yourself.

2. Love yourself: The second step is for you to love yourself, loving yourself is part of confidence. You have to love yourself. If you love yourself then you feel amazing and thus your confidence will show. You have to love your body, your brain, you have to love every part of you.

3. Watch videos about confidence on YouTube.

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