I will win

#win #winner #nevergiveup #believe #pushharder

I haven’t forfilled my dreams
I haven’t find the love of my life
I am tired.
Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed
Sometimes I just want to be left alone
Sometimes I get irritated easily.
I am tired of praying
I am tired of hoping
I am tired of believing.
It’s not like I don’t want to find my dream job
It’s not like  I’m lazy
It’s not like I’m useless
So why?
Do I give up or do I keep fighting ?
I know the answer and the answer is I am going to keep fighting
I believe in me and I believe in my dreams
I believe and I know that I wasn’t created just to come in this world and leave it without writing my name on the sky.
I was created to make history.
So with this thought in my head I will keep fighting, I will fight till the day my dreams will come to me and tell me you have worked so hard for me, you have strived for me, you had sleepless nights over me and many more difficulties so congratulations you have win, here I am.

We will meet again

#better #love #peace #wewillmeet

Wherever I look I see you
Whenever i try to smile I fail
Whenever I try to eat it’s like my mouth isn’t functioning.
It hurts so much
It’s breaking me inside.
How do I live without you?
How do I breath when you were my air and now you no more here?
How do I believe the people that tell me that it’s going to get better?
But now I know better
I don’t have to forget you because I still have you with me
I have the memories you gave me
I still feel the love you had for me
I still remember your beautiful smile
I still feel you around me.
Now when I think about you I smile
Now when I think about you i thank God
Now when I think about you I feel happy and special.
Do you know why?

Because I had you in my life, people should be jealous of me. I think about the people that didn’t get to know you, the people that never met you, the ones that never talked to you and so I thank God, i thank God for bringing you in my life.

Because even if I spent one minute with you it would had been great but I spent more than minutes with you so now I smile and believe  that one day we will meet again and I know that we will meet.


 I don’t care about what you think of me
I don’t care if you think that im ugly
I don’t care if you think that I’m fat skinny or whatever.
I don’t care whether you think I’m too white, too dark or not dark enough
I don’t care whether you believe in me or not
I don’t care whether you think that I’m crazy
I don’t care whether you think I’m too short, not tall enough or too tall
I don’t care whether you think I’m not good enough.
Honestly you can think I am a prostitute and I still won’t care.
Do you know why?
Because what you think of people is not my problem
Because what you think of me doesn’t give me a headache at all
Because what you think of me doesn’t define me
Because I know who I am and that’s enough for me
Because I know that I’m special
Because I am a creation of God Almighty, so I don’t need your approval
Because I know that while you are there thinking negatively about me, I am here trying to make myself better.
Let me be honest
I pity you, I feel sorry for you because you are sick, you have the sickness of insecurity, the sickness of hatred and many more sicknesses.
I pray to God that you feel better and may he relief you of your sickness.
So just keep talking it doesn’t affect me at all sweetheart.
God loves me and he thinks that I’m special and that’s all that matters

Self love and how to practice it perfectly.

Self love is treating yourself right, loving yourself and being the best version of yourself or trying to be the best version of yourself.

Love yourself

Self love is a whole package, taking care of yourself, being there for you, taking your own advice and spending time with yourself. I believe you should love yourself first before you can say you love somebody else, how can you love someone when you don’t love and know yourself. Self love is the best kind of love because here you are investing in yourself, you are trying to make yourself better and if this happens you tend to influence others around you and they will also want to be the best version of themselves and they will also influence others etc, so it will be like a cycle and you are the one who started this cycle.

7 ways to practice self love

Do what makes you happy and good for you, sometimes something might make you happy but it might not be good for you. For example let’s say someone likes smoking weed for fun and it makes that person happy but smoking weed is not good for that person. So do what makes you happy and what is also good for you.

Go to the beach, it helps free your mind, calms you down and it’s soothing. You can even go alone, sit down and enjoy the view.

Try to know more about you, know what you like and what you don’t like, what makes you happy and what makes you sad, what motivates you and what doesn’t motivate you etc. The more you know about yourself the more you will appreciate and love yourself.

Acquire more knowledge, be it on anything, just look for something you like and try reading more on it, watch educational videos etc

Take care of your body, you can do this by working out even if it’s one workout a day, know your diet meaning eat healthy and take care of your skin etc.

Help people. I know you will be confused because what does self love have to do with helping people but let me tell you if you help somebody you feel happy internally, you will have this sense of achievement and when you feel happy you will feel good and in a way you are practicing self love

The last one is a relationship with God, God loves you and when practicing self love you should surround yourself with people that love and care about you and no one loves you more than God. So try and have a relationship with God.

If you practice self love you won’t tolerate nonsense, you will appreciate yourself and you tend to stay away from people that don’t deserve you, unhealthy relationships and jobs that give you headache

After hardship comes ease

Life is full of ups and downs, we all have different kind of problems but I want to tell you that you shouldn’t give up because after hardship comes ease, with difficulty comes relief and you should totally believe it because it’s not me who said it but it was said by God Almighty. So no matter what you going through be it divorce, financial situations, heartbreak, anxiety, depression, bipolar etc know that you will be fine, there is this saying that after darkness comes light, just stay strong and know that you will be fine, your light is coming.

After hardship comes ease. Your light is coming. #better #believe #love #stay strong
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