Love the pain

Pain is good because pain makes you strong

Pain is healthy because pain challenges you and thus prepares you for the next level

Why do we hate pain?

Why do we think that pain is negative?

Without pain you will be weak

Without pain you will be soft.

We all go through problems and issues in life, issues like sickness, death of loved ones etc

And I want you to know that these issues are inevitable, you must go through them because they are part of life and therefore so long as you are alive, you will have to come face to face with pain.

The thing about pain is that it doesn’t care who you are, it doesn’t care whether you are wealthy or poor, it doesn’t care whether you are black or white, pain doesn’t care about the difference this is because pain is fair.

After establishing the fact that pain is inevitable. I want to let you know that the thing that matters the most is how you react to the pain, you can’t avoid all pain but you can choose how you are going to react to all pain.

For example let’s say that there are twins who lost their parents, one decided that the pain was too much, she stopped going to school and the only thing she does is drink alcohol and go to parties, her family was always worried about her and now she’s fifty years old, she has lung and heart issues due to alcohol and smoking and she only has 3 years left to live.

The other sibling was also in immense pain when their parents die thirty years ago, she also cried but while crying she made a promise to herself that she will do everything to take care of her younger siblings and that she will make her parents proud, she didn’t leave school, she worked hard day and night, she read like a maniac, she strived hard and paid her younger siblings school fees, later on she opened her own salon, the salon was not going like she expected but still she didn’t give up, one day she had an accident and the doctor told her that she wouldn’t be able to walk again and do you know what she told the doctor, she told the doctor ‘ I will certainly walk again, not only that I will even be able to run and jump’ , she went to every therapy session, she strived like no one has ever strived because she knew that her savings will soon be over so she has to work and be there for her younger siblings and for her twin sister.

True to her words, after six months she was finally able to walk again. Soon everything started going smoothly, her salon was doing super great, she started investing in real estate and other stuff, soon she became a millionaire and two years later she became the youngest billionaire the world has ever seen, now she is happily married with amazing kids and helping people around the world.

Now I ask you what’s the difference between the twins?

The difference is that the first twin took the death of their parents as the end of the world while the other one took the pain as motivation and inspiration, she aspired to give her younger siblings the best, she wanted to make her parents proud and I’m sure she did, she didn’t lose hope when the doctor told her that she won’t be able to walk but instead she look at her siblings and knew that she has to walk, she had a responsibility, she has to make it and indeed she did.

So it’s for you to decide which twin you want to be.

It’s not only about death, sometimes even when working out, some stop working out when the pain gets too much, they say that they are tired and that they can’t go on while others smile through the pain because they know that after pain comes results, after pain comes happiness and after pain comes success.

We all want to be successful in life, don’t we?

But most of us won’t succeed because we are scared of pain, because we don’t like pain, because we are terrified of pain but let me tell you, we have to love the pain because without the pain we will just be where we are, the pain challenges us and takes us from are comfort zone and this makes us grow.

Don’t you wanna grow?

Don’t you wanna be strong?

Don’t wanna be successful?

Don’t you want to see the results?

The funny things is that, when you are in pain and suffering, when you are hurting then why don’t you take a step away from the pain, even if it is baby steps, just take the steps.

Let me give you a practical example, for example if there are broken glasses on the floor and mistakenly I step on them and now I am in pain, my feet is hurting so badly but I’m still standing on the broken glasses because I’m surrounded by glasses and if I walk I will be in pain but the thing is if I walk five steps forward I will finally be away from the broken glasses but I’m scared because walking will increase the pain, so should I keep standing on the broken glasses or should I walk a few steps in pain and finally be free?

Obviously as a reasonable person I will walk on the broken glasses and be finally free, the extra pain is worth me being totally free from the broken glasses but some people will keep on standing in the middle of the broken glasses and keep saying that the pain is too much

Don’t be scared of pain, love the pain.

Published by brownangel99

I'm just a normal girl who believes in the power of words.

5 thoughts on “Love the pain

  1. I think some people also stand on the broken glass and proclaim it hurts to much, but don’t want to get off of it, for they’ve allowed that pain to define who they are and without it, they fear they won’t have anything. Really well written entry. Thanks for sharing.

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